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Jessie's Bags LLC



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I am happy to be One of Jessie's Bags!

Posted on 10 June, 2016 at 13:20 Comments comments (26)


Allow me to introduce myself …..


I am one of Jessie's Tote bags,  


I am Hand made by Jessie an 86 year old 3 time breast cancer survivor and her daughter.


I started my life as fabric in a high end designers shop. I might have lived in Bethany beach DE or on the Main line Philadelphia PA or maybe it was West Chester PA or Glenn Mills maybe it was Wilmington DE. My fellow pieces of fabric and I have grown old we are out of date or season. The designers have moved on to newer fabrics and colors we have become trash to the designers they don’t want us anymore..


Oh wow…

Someone wants us. Jessie and her daughter  traveled for 2 hours to pick us up, and rescue us. Yea!







Someone wants us we are not going in the dumpster. We are being recycled or is it up-cycled!!!!

This is A whole new life for me!    What will I be where will I go?


Jessie’s daughter is putting me with other fabric pieces, patchwork style.... Oh wow I would never have put these colors or designs together ...but I like it….




Where are we going next? Is that a nursing home, senior center retirement community am I in Reading PA? What will happen next? I haven’t been sewn yet. Who are all these people? Some in wheel chairs, these people have walkers, does he have Alzheimer’s disease what will they do to me.


Hay! These people like me. Look at how they are feeling the textures; woe they love all of the colors they are putting us together. Is that the shape of a bag... Jessie’s daughter is saying just pick out two pieces that you like. They like us , they are smiling they are enjoying touching us…


what is happening over there those are just scraps cut off little pieces too small you can’t sew that… What’s happening? Did that small piece of scrap material just become a bow… this is so exciting I can’t believe what’s happening we are being transformed into new stuff …where am I headed next?


Oh, I recognize this it a sewing machine. We are being permanently attached. In a patch work style…I like it.



Jessie' sewing !

It’s Jessie again what is she doing closing up my sides, turning down the top, I’m getting handles. I’m a bag, a tote Bag.


This is a strange new world…


It’s not over where to next. I’m being gift wrapped… she is putting a card on me.

What does it say…?


















“A joyful heart is good medicine” we hope this bag helps you be joyful. Wow a quote from Proverbs in the Bible...

I’m designed to make someone happy I thought I was just trash. Where are they taking me? Look at all the pink ribbons this is a breast cancer event… oh this looks like a nice lady …I’m being given to her as a gift… she is reading the note I think there are tears in her eyes. Oh wow someone loves me & cherishes this gift…this new me a bag.





This is a strange new world… I thought I would live in some High end home on a couch or chair afret all I am a  Designer Fabric....


I never expected to be used in this way…now as a bag I go places every day. My new owner carries all kinds of goodies’ in me. She takes me everywhere, are we going on a trip, Maybe it’s to her chemo appointment again. I hope they will be done soon so we can get on with life…wonder where we will travel… Oh boy. Just think I could have ended up on a chair or a couch how boring…

I love my life… meeting all those people being… loved… hand made with love…



I’m one of “Jessie’s Bags”!